The 51GR8 Camps were created to increase interest in softball in the Capital Region, eventually leading to the Albany area being a “hot spot” for competitive softball.  We believe starting our camps at the younger age groups will help give younger athletes a greater skills base to work on as they get older and start playing for more competitive teams.  We’d like to create a positive learning environment for our athletes as well as a place they feel they are being given opportunities to succeed. We understand that everyone has a different way they like to be taught, and hope to meet the needs of all of our campers.  For campers who may exceed the skill level of their peers, they will be given more challenging skills to practice and will be grouped with other campers that they can compete with. Campers will be be in small groups with a counselor assigned to each group. We feel that this model will give the greatest opportunity for the kids to be instructed.  


Some of the great opportunities our campers will have include being instructed by current and former college athletes who started in Rec leagues just like our campers are in now.  Campers will also be able to play fun games and learn new agility skills with our certified personal trainer on staff. Another opportunity that should not be overlooked, is the chance for our campers to meet other softball players in our area and make new friends that may end up being a teammate one day.   


We hope that our camp can be something that grows into something your daughters look forward to each summer in learning new softball skills and how to play the game the right way.  Let’s keep growing softball in the 518!